UPDATE – Website Maintenance & Updates

26/10/17 – It has been rather a long time since we posted any new updates and information on the website as to what is happening within 3a Technology this past year or so.

Reason being is that we have been very very busy. We are currently working on a number of things and trying to bring more updates to the website as we speak. More info will be posted online with all the updates and changes made in due course.

– 3a Technology

UPDATE – New 16 Litre Pump

23/01/2017  – We have now replaced the JTF-16 with our new ultra lightweight and compact version JTFs-16TT. The JTFs-16TT weighs 2.8Kgs (including mast and battery) which is 2.2Kgs lighter than our previous model. The box size is much smaller and compact which is similar to our 8 Litre version.

Our aim was to design and manufacture a 16 Litre pump that is much lighter and more compact in size than the previous model yet still maintain efficiency in overall run times with a stable flow rate throughout.

Although the previous JTF-16 model is discontinued, we still have a limited stock in replacement parts.

Please contact us for any more details.

Best Regards,

– 3a Technology


UPDATE – ExCEL London Show 12-13th Oct

19/09/16 – 3a Technology Ltd. will be attending the ExCEL London show from the 12-13th October 2016 and will have a stand setup along side Shaw City Ltd.

We shall be bringing new products and updates a long with us, so stop by and say hello!