11/12/2015 3a Technology Ltd. will be closed as of the 18th of December and re opens on Monday the 4th January.  We will not be able to follow up on any calls, hires or emails during this time.

If you require equipment for hire or to buy. Please contact us before the 18th for any last minute orders and we will do what we can leading up to the holidays.

Best Regards,

3a Technology Ltd.

UPDATE – To Air Sampling Pumps

09/11/15 Just a quick update on our air sampling product range.
Both static and personal pump product/categories have been updated with
more images and galleries so you can see the differences between all our models.

JTF-P run times have also been increased and also a few more prices have been
added to the site.

If there are anymore updates and things you want to see on our site, contact us and we can
update the site further.


3a Technology.