Gilian LFS-113 Low Flow Personal Sampling Pump

The LFS-113 is a unique, lightweight and compact low flow air sampling pump.

LFS-113 was designed for flow rates between 1 cc/min and 350 cc/min and is perfect for very low flow applications sampling with sorbent tubes.

The compact size and light weight of this pump allow it to easily fit inside a shirt pocket and carry out its sampling duties whilst being unobtrusive.

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Product Description


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Specs and Features:

  • The Gilian LFS-113 low flow sampler is the most powerful and reliable pocket sized personal air sampler available today.
  • The LFS_113 offers two sampling modes selectable by the user.
  • The constant flow control mode holds the flow within 5% of the set flow while the multi-flow (constant pressure control) mode allows multiple samples to be taken simultaneously.
  • No other pocket-sized pump matches the wide flow range and high back-pressure capability of the LFS-113.
  • LFS-113 is now available with a memory-free NiMH battery.


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