Gilian 800i Personal Sampling Pump

Gilian 800i is a powerful personal air sampling pump targeting applications requiring a 200 to 800 cc/min flow range and backpressures up to 80 inches H2O.
Gilian 800i is an ideal solution for VOC monitoring applications using thermal desorption tubes, including modified versions of NIOSH method 2549 and EPA TO-17 at higher flow rates for improved sensitivities.

Product Description


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Specs and Features:

  • Gilian 800i is powered by a memory-free NiMH battery pack that provides run-times over eight hours and quick-charge in less than four hours.
  • The pump is controlled by a lockable keypad linked to a digital menu interface.
  • Gilian 800i can be programmed for scheduled sampling or intermittent duty cycles, delayed start, or a four stage program with repeat cycling.
  • With intrinsically safe certification for use in hazardous classified areas and meeting EN 1232 Type-G for personalized sampling pump performance in workplace environments, Gilian 800i is the new leader for powerful low flow personal air sampling.


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