5-Pin Battery Pullup Adapter (for JD pumps)

5-Pin Battery Pullup Adapter

This small device is a recovery tool used for pulling up the battery pack for a brief time to then allow the 5 pin charger to latch and fully charge both battery packs in a 5-pin charge socket pump.

This could potentially revive the battery packs that have been sat on the shelf or left switched on until the point where the pump will not turn on again/red light or fully charge back up again.

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Product Description

To use this adapter simply

  1. Plug in the adapter into the 5-pin socket on the pump.
  2. Then plug in the 5-pin charger into the top of the adapter.
  3. Allow 5 minutes or so for the battery pack to pullup.
  4. Then disconnect the charger and adapter.
  5. Reconnect the 5-pin charger to the 5-pin socket on the pump
    to enable the charger to sense and charge both battery packs up.

The battery pullup adapter works with new smart chargers and old brick type models.