JTFs-P Personal Sampling Pump

JTFs-P Personal air sampling pump is a compact, lightweight and robust unit made from aircraft grade aluminium with flowrates from 1L/Min up to 5L/Min (Litres per minute).

The personal pump has been redesigned with a new compact and efficient control system with increased flow stability and much longer run times than our previous model.

The new JTFs-P now runs on new *lithium-Ion battery technology to reduce the overall weight of the pump and increase maximum run times.

*The Lithium Ion (Li-ion) battery pack we use in this pump are solid, robust, cylindrical metal can cells (that look like a similar construct to your everyday AA batteries) and not to be confused with Lithium-Polymer (LiPo) which are the type of cells used in mobile phones and tablets.

**The new lithium Ion battery chargers are not interchangeable or to be used on any other JTF pump other than the JTFs-P.


Product Price: £ 385.00

Product Description

Specs and Features:

  • Lighter and smaller pump size than previous model.
  • 16+ Hours run time @ 2L/Min using a 1.2u Filter.
  • Adjustable flowrate from 1-5L/Min using a 1.2u Filter.
  • Robust unit made from aircraft grade aluminium designed for a long active life.
  • On/Off toggle switch.
  • Bi-Coloured Green (On) /Red (Off) LED.
  • Newly designed automatic low battery cut off system to protect the battery.
  • Custom made air tight/sealed hose inlets.
  • 1.3 Amp Lithium Ion Charger Included.


£18.50 Next day delivery.


Flow Range 1-5 Litres per minute
Run Time 16 Hours +
Battery Pack 3.7V 4.8Ah Li-ion Pack
Size H 10.8 x W 7.7 x D 5.2 cm
Weight 450g