Frisbee Dust Deposit Gauge

Black powder-coated tripod with heavy-duty rubber feet

Anodized aluminium frisbee-type collector with 227mm diameter aperture

5-litre HDPE collecting bottle (optional 10-litre on request)

Stainless steel / nylon bird guard

Polyester foam dust trap

Spare dust trap and bottle

Allen key, 2.5mm

Optional sticky pad adaptor

Weight approx. 8kg

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Product Description

Specs and Features:

  • Higher collection efficiency and considerably lower cost than the BS1747Pt1 deposit gauge
  • Bird guard reduces risk of polluted samples from bird strikes
  • Foam dust trap reduces sample contamination from falling leaves, etc. and prevents splash-out
  • Large capacity collecting bottle will accommodate 120mm rain (240mm with the 10-litre bottle) and has wide neck permitting easy access for cleaning and removal of deposits. Click here for an approximate idea of UK rainfall
  • Tripod base, which can be spiked down, ensures stability on uneven surfaces
  • Powder-coating and anodizing gives durability in hostile environments
  • Optional cylindrical sticky pad adapter 100mm dia x 150mm high can be clamped to the stand, permitting directional sampling
  • Foot attachment available for sandbagging
  • Tripod easily folded for transport/storage purposes
  • Bottle seal available for improved sample security
  • Spares and repairs available